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“As a result of the 7-day cleanse, I have a different perspective of what I eat, how much, and how food reacts with my body/mind. I wound up losing 20lbs and have maintained the weight loss since! In addition, I stopped using a blood pressure medication (which I had been using everyday for 3 years) at the beginning of the cleanse and my blood pressure naturally lowered to acceptable levels. I no longer have to wake up every day and 'pop a pill'. Adam and the Organic Performance team provide excellent counseling services and spiritual guidance during the entire journey."

An off-Season Cleanse for Athletes

Tuesday, 16 November 2010 00:32

Athletes are always trying to get edge on the competition. Most of time the points of entry are through gear and nutritional technology, and with those it’s always about the input.

But what if gaining a competitive edge came in the form of not doing something? And what if that...

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