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You can try and improve your performance by adding hundreds of hours on the track, in the gym or in the saddle -or- you can get the better results by just providing your body with what it needs for peak performance. In just 1 month Adam (Organic Performance) improved my performance in the marathon by 30 minutes by simply refining and adjusting my nutritional program. I trained smarter, ran faster, recovered more quickly and felt better than ever before.

Best of all... I no longer need Tylenol or aspirin after a hard workout!

Performance Cleanses

cleanse veggies To have an on-season one must have an off-season and Recovery is the key element to bridging that gap.

It is also one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of an overall training program. An athlete himself, Adam understands the rigors and stresses the body goes through from participation in sports during training, competitions, and games as well as from the overall challenges of daily living.
After years of experimentation to have a productive off-season he found cleansing to be one of the most effective ways to transition from intensive training into recovery and provide the body with an opportunity to jumpstart its journey back to physical alignment and mental freshness to sustain a lifetime of activity. Recognizing that there were no programs that matched his active lifestyle, Adam created The Athlete’s Cleanse, to specifically cater to the diverse needs of individuals involved in sports and those who live active lifestyles.


WHY Cleanse?

In addition to the free radicals created by oxidative stress from exercise, active lifestyles can lend to poor nutritional habits, consumption of processed foods, ‘energy’ bars and sports fueling products.  This combination can inhibit the body’s ability to properly digest and absorb the nutrients it needs for healthy living and athletic performance.
The digestive system is one of the most crucial links to the overall health of the body and the ability for it to perform is directly linked to the nutrition that it can absorb. If the body cannot properly process vitamins, trace minerals, essential fatty acids and macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and protein) then its ability to be active is greatly reduced, if not, completely eliminated.
All of this can result in injury, illness, fatigue, poor digestion, diminished performance, poor skin tone, weight gain and disease.
The Athlete’s Cleanse will help recreate your relationship to food, clean out and restart your digestive system, promote the recovery and healing of injuries and stressed bodies and allow you to JumpStart your life with increased enthusiasm and performance!


What is The Athlete’s Cleanse?

The Athlete’s Cleanse is a 3 Phase program:

Phase 1: Conscious Eating and Preparation

Phase 2: The Cleanse: a 7 day journey of juicing combined with organic, whole food supplements from the Cleanse Kit

Phase 3: Transition

It is designed to:

  • Rejuvenate your digestive system
  • Restore the body back to its natural alignment
  • Remove unwanted waste
  • Re-establish beneficial bacteria in the digestive track
  • Support and improve the immune system
  • Promote healing of injuries and
  • Recreate your relationship with food.

Recognizing that not everyone has the time for such a program each Phase is an actual cleanse unto itself and can be broken-down into individual parts at any time in one’s life.

Click Here for an Example of the Daily Schedule for Phase 2

Cleanse Kit

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The Athlete’s Cleanse Kit consists of: SunPower Greens, Cleanse Powder, Detox Tea, Body Brush, Tongue Scraper, Organic Tote and Instruction Booklet. It is the most comprehensive cleanse kit on the market.

Personalized Cleanses

The Personalized Cleanse Program is for anyone looking for a fully customized and guided experience. This is for individuals with special circumstances: injury, illness, competition or event (movie, photo shoot, tv) preparation, first-timers or for those who really want to deepen their experience.
In addition to the Cleanse Kit this option comes with personal consultations with Adam prior to your cleanse to determine your goals, examine your health history, and asses what you are bringing to the program. Adam will design specific juice recipes for you, if necessary, and guide you on a daily basis throughout your experience.

For those who want to go even deeper, Adam will come on-site, prepare daily juices and create an entire wellness week to support your efforts that may include yoga, massage, aromatherapy, scheduling of colonics, juice shopping and more. Contact Adam to see how we can get you started on your program today.

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Adam Kelinson Athlete’s Cleanse program has changed my life.  I was diagnosed with an hlab27auto-immune form of spondyloarthritis in 2009. I was hospitalized, could barely walk, had problems getting out of cars and even bed.  Before it struck I was a somewhat fit 200lb triathlete. I ate and exercised better than 99%of the people I know.   I was just about to start a series of injections to help with the pain and possibly enable me to fulfill a lifelong dream of completing an Ironman, but my chances were dicey at best.  The shots arrived, but before I broke skin with them, I began a cleanse with Adam. That was less then three months ago.  Sunday I biked 75 miles with 5000’ of climbing and I’m down to 180lbs.  I feel unbelievable and more confident that ever that I will fulfill my dream.  Adam has helped me reestablish my connection with food, with life, with my body’s innate ability to heal, which was being blocked by modern societies idea of what’s good for us.  Thank you Adam. Many, many thanks.

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