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  • February is for Garden Planning!

    Performance Gardening Tips

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    • Find your local farmers market
    • Information on preserving: freezing, dehydrating, fermenting, and storing
    • The latest from The Athlete’s Garden: planting schedule, videos, harvesting
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  • Garlic Time!



    Adam has been busy in The Athlete's Garden this past week preparing and planting next year's garlic crop. After double-digging 4 rows of intensively raised beds mixed with fresh compost along with his trusted furry companions it was finally time for planting! As the garden was wrapped by the warm blanket of majestic orange from the cascading sun each individual clove was tucked into the rich earth for its winter womb. One by one they were covered up and given many blessings for a season of abundant growth.

    This year 3 varieties were planted, two hardneck (persian star & mother of pearl) and one softneck (early italian red).

    Tips on Planting Garlic :

    • Be sure to choose a variety that is appropriate for your climate. Garlic from California will not do so well in the cold regions of the Northeast.
    • Garlic likes well-drained and richly, organic soils.
    • Plant garlic with the scab end down and the pointed end up
    • Make sure garlic is planted about 2 inches beneath the soil with a nice layer of fresh compost on top
    • Try to time planting 4-6 weeks before the ground freezes. Once the ground is frozen mulch your garlic beds with a thick layer of leaves or straw. This will help vernalize the bulbs by keeping them cold until the spring thaw.

    See Pictures of the Athlete’s Garden in Action

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